about us

African cooking can be time consuming. There are Africa shops where you can get all the ingredients for your recipes. However, there are also days when you just don't want to or can't spend a lot of time in the kitchen. In response to the desire to find a quick alternative for African dishes, N'deye Fall-Kuete, founder and managing director of NDEYEFOODS, developed cooking sauces with a West African touch. Each sauce is inspired by well-known dishes from West Africa, the home of the founder. With her recipes, she brought a piece of home to Germany, a real enrichment for Western European cuisine.e.
Anyone who has the courage to add traditional, West African preparation techniques, African spices and healing herbs, based on regional vegetables and fruit with a touch of exotic fruit as an enrichment to the kitchen - yes, those who have the courage get the chance to recreate well-known dishes compose and break new culinary paths.
With the NDEYEFOODS, those who dare to break new ground in their cooking and all fans of West African spice cuisine have excellent spice sauces at their fingertips to use them 1 to 1 or to let them become part of their own ideas.